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What is
facility resiliency?

Whether looking to protect your perimeter against natural disasters, civil unrest, or issues related to public health, we have the partnerships, products, and custom services, intentionally cultivated to protect facilities and the tenants within them from a host of external threats and vulnerabilities. We can provide a combination of temporary and permanent support services

Our Products

Our products include Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Products, including blast and ballistic certified film and glass; impenetrable shutters; ballasts and bollards; and anti-graffiti coating to preventatively position facilities against vandalism and to allow tenants confidence to shelter in place during a crisis. 



We have relationships with a variety of exterior shutter vendors. We also work with Architecture Inc to design and create custom window and door shutters.

Armored One Shooter Attack Glass

QED is a certified distributor and trained installer of Armored One blast and ballistic glass products.



QED procures and applies anti-graffiti coating to protect facilities against vandalism. 

Bollards &


We can provide temporary barriers and install more permanent perimeter solutions as needed.​

Security Room

Rental & Service Contracts

Rentals & Service Contracts allow our team to provide security related products and services, including barriers and bollards on an as-needed basis to maintain façade and mobilize for additional protective measures. In some locations, facility resiliency is a short-term solution to a temporary problem. Perhaps a facility preparing for an upcoming protest wants to rent and install barriers to keep pedestrians and motorist a safe distance from the facility. QED provides temporary service contracts where we can come in for a fixed period of time and provide a variety of products.
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